We are very proud and delighted to be able to import such beautiful models, most of them scale. VALENTA produce 30-60 scale frame a year or so. None have been imported in Australia to date. So yes I can only thank so much Jiri and Krill aircraft to have put us in contact with.

For cost, contact us for more details:

ASW 4 metre around 1600AU$, Ventus 4 metre around 1848AUS, FOX 4.3 metre around 2898 AU$, Salto 4.5 metre around 2198AUS

Variation of price with option:  these price are with landing gear and Dbox carbon minimum. All top of the range. We at Krill provide only the best. These model are superb finish, this is not  topmodel or your mid range, this all moulded, painted, polished, and proven airframe. These gliders are for the enthousiat which appreciat quality and workmanship. However we minimise the cost of fret and so one so you get you hands on the best at a reasonable cost! 


Here is a gallery of photo, but jump on the net and search VALENTA. We will be importing an over load of frame in November in our next shipment. It always pay to organise and pre order rather than pick what is left :-)