And we are already taking order for the February-March 2019 shipment, so if you like one of our plane but WANT A DIFFERENT SCHEME/COLOUR...We will have to do the November shipment order!!!


  • LASER 2300 2.85 metre

Designed around the 150 DA this model can be use with 170 or DA 200 with the dome option. However it is been done for a 16 kilo weight and to perform on the IMAC field and freestyle. We have a new technology of painting which is now propose as an option, outside the mould, and allow for the metallic paint with an incredible finish. Its car paint quality, more durable and superb. But its mainly a modern acrobatic aircraft twin seat which in our scale case, allow for a better edge fly, more neutral with less rudder correction. This shipment has got 5 Laser, with 3 already allocated  ;-).  Its the new kid in town and again provide a variation to the go bigger and ore expensive. With nowadays the busy sky and the limited height, a slightly smaller airplane does make sense too.

Price: due to the option of painting: its between 4348 and 4848AU$



         The most awaited biplane on he planet :-). Stunning look, should be a killer.

The 3 first frame are still available, the rest is sold or pre ordered.

price: 3298AU$: full colour scheme


  • 330SC 35% in the EVAA colour.

  • 2 x 330 SC 35% in the Ido sCheme Blue-red, red blue with metallic silver.

  this is a perfect setup 2.6 metre plane for IMAC/free style:

Price at 2749 AU$ : 

hardware included, landing gear a, rudder tray and arm, cowl and canopy fitted, all pre-drilled and ready to go. The Star scheme is re -ordered ;-)

330 SC LX 34% at 2.65 metre

this is the all new airframe only put together for display and test early this month. We have ordered 2 LX for stock, this will become the base for the 100-120CC or 9KW electric setup. This is the most advance frame with the latest technology and aerodynamic improvement while retaining the scale at 2% ( FIM rule). If you are limited in size of budget or ability of transportation this will suit any IMAC fanatic.

Price will be 2989 AU$ at this stage


  • AVANTI-S DEEP and CLASSICO scheme.

Super jet 2.250m, the best sport flyer on earth: Watch the video of the bishop bro and Dad. AMASING, smoke spin, trust hang........the all lot!

Price start 3548 AU$ 

Option carbon canopy on all of them! check the scheme and colour, two are not decided yet, but already line up!


330 SC 41%  scheme

The most gorgeous scheme of the lot, supported by one of the very best freestyle pilot in the world ex EXFC champ! watch the video "performance in mind" ! exceptional

Out of stock

ALERT ::::::damage frame. Price start 3200 AU$ for this new frame but with some damage in transportation. We still carry the warranty but you will have to repair some of small defect. ask for detail ( it is sound, mainly cosmetic issue, but not just hangar rash) 


 330 LX GBM scheme BGR

new schemes available 2018-19:  Out of stock

Price start at 4748 AU$ : 


330 SC 31%  SCHEME

Price start at 2189 AU$ : 

Only the YBW is available new at the shop. All the stock is sold and allocated



YAK 55M 37% scale scheme!


Price start at 4658 AU$ :  one only available in thsi colour scheme which is the scale scheme of the real airplane.



76" of pure 3D,  5.0/6.0kgs perfect for 20-30cc or even better on electric

An extreme machine with all the modern wing and anti stall mixed with the composite friendly surface

No more flappy Oracover or flexy frame after  10-20 flights. Just a good clean with glass cleaner and new as ever!

PRICED To sale: 1748$ landed inc Gst! OUT OF STOCK



YAK 55M 28% Various SCHEME

This is the smallest of the family, and one of the most capable. Super affordable again, very little super IMAC and Freestyle trainer for field limited in height! Very good budget airframe.

You have the scale yellow and the classic Yellow, plus many more.                                  

Price start at 2048 AU$ : Only left is the Yellow scale scheme.